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We've received reports that somebody is passing themselves as a representative of Branded Research Inc.
We do not request money from you to participate, and we do not mail checks to our community.
Please be careful in your communication with unknown parties.

A Research Community

Our proprietary online community consists of over 1M engaged, qualified, and incentivized survey respondents with more joining every day.

MintVine is leveraged by social interaction. This creates an energized community that is in constant dialogue with us and with one another.

An engaged audience

We build research communities around respondents who are both actively engaged and socially motivated.

This provides us with a distinct advantage over traditional online panel companies, and allows us to reach niche panelists while ensuring the quality of the respondent data.

Who are you
looking for?

We collect hundreds of data points on our panelists.

For us, this is a constant process of building individual profiles on our panelists and continually updating these data sets to ensure relevancy and accuracy closer to real time. This allows our clients to be highly selective in selecting their target panel and more confident in its makeup.

On the Go

It's official, the world is mobile.

And that is where most conversations take place. Our communities and our methodologies are designed to communicate with people on their terms, on their devices, and on their time.

A few of our sampling points

  • Gaming

  • Technology

  • Education

  • Automotive

  • Business

  • Culture

Our Community Network

• 2.5M+ panelists worldwide

• 200+ web & mobile publishing partners

• Proprietary vetting and qualification processes

• Specialty panels beyond the consumer

Beyond the consumer

Branded Research offers more than an extensive consumer panel network

We offer segmented access to key business decision makers and other qualified professionals, offering panelists in IT, Financial Services, and Human Resources, along with other highly segmented industries. We are continually expanding our specialty panel reach, including furthering our access to caregivers, physicians, and patients through new partnerships within the medical community.

Quality Control

Branded Research uses a variety of methods to ensure the highest quality of respondent data, including :

• Our proprietary digital fingerprinting technology.
• Strict double opt-in verification
• Random fraud screening and consistency checks
• Geo IP Detection & duping filters
• Service traffic analysis

28 Questions To Help Buyers Of Online Samples

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Working together and
sharing the revenue

How does it work?
We provide your audience with engaging, relevant, and topical surveys.
We pay you for supplying us, and the companies we represent, with this valuable data.
You have the ability to share this revenue with your audience and provide a more engaging experience inside your communities.
Online market research is a $2B industry and online surveys make up the fastest growing segment of this market.
We provide a simple, effortless solution allowing our publishing partners to focus on their core businesses.

Being a Branded Research publishing
partner is a rewarding experience.

We offer our publishing partners the ability to supplement your existing revenue stream while creating a richer, more rewarding experience for your visitors.

The world's leading brands and associated market research companies rely on Branded Research to procure all kinds of valuable information about their existing customers, their potential customers, or to simply obtain honest opinions... "You are an important piece of this process. You can help!"

Our Commitment

Branded Research is a proud and active partner of Anna’s Gate, an international organization dedicated to helping widows and orphans worldwide learn skills and practical trades through educational training centers. To learn more about Anna’s Gate visit:

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